17 Secretly Gross Things Every Girl Has Done

*Wears the same damn bra every day so never gets to wash it*

1. Picked off your mascara until you’re surrounded by little black crusty remnants.

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2. Worn the same tampon or pad much longer than you were supposed to.

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3. Worn the same old greying bra for over a week without washing it.

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4. And fished crumbs out of it.

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5. Used a beauty product that’s been missing a lid for ages and has been contaminated with bits of fluff and pencil sharpenings.

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6. Dug out the dirt underneath your nails with your nails and flicked the grey sludge onto the floor.

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7. Picked dry skin/corns on your toes.

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8. Not washed your makeup brushes for ages.
Or ever.

Or ever.
Remee Patel / BuzzFeed
Or ever.
9. Not washed your hair for days, even when you’ve exercised.

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10. Picked off your nail polish and left the bits in a pile somewhere.

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11. Picked out your mascara gloop and marvelled at it.

Remee Patel / BuzzFeed
12. Re-worn a sweaty sports bra.

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13. Squeezed and picked at an ingrown hair.

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14. Shared or borrowed mascara.

Remee Patel / BuzzFeed/ Sjale / Getty Images
15. Worn makeup you know is really fucking old and should have been thrown out ages ago.

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16. Marvelled at all of the gunk on a pore strip and been extremely dissatisfied if nothing comes out.

17. Played with your pubes.
It's just so satisfying.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed
It’s just so satisfying.

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