20 Annoying Things That Make Girls Cringe On Their Existence

The world is a big, big place and apparently is also moving towards equality. One thing that I don’t understand is that why and how did the concept of equality rise? This implies that there always had been inequality, doesn’t it? Since ancient times, kings were valued more and held more powers; the family begged for it to have a male ancestor to carry forward its name and not a girl. Who even made these rules and why? I don’t need to tell you why the life of a female is comparatively way harder than that of a guy! Periods. Bras. Body hair. Eye-brows. Giving birth. And after all this, we fight for our equal rights to match up with men?!

Well, today let me talk to you about 20 annoying things that only girls through and should be awarded for not losing their shit over it!

1. Peeing Wetness

1. Peeing Wetness 2. Blister

2. Blister 3. Hair ties

3. Hair ties 4. Shaving

4. Shaving 5. Thighs

5. Thighs 6. Chair monster

6. Chair monster 7. Burn marks

7. Burn marks 8. Tampons

8. Tampons 9. Itchy pubes

9. Itchy pubes10. That one hair

10. That one hair11. Boob sweat

11. Boob sweat 12. Mascara fiasco

12. Mascara fiasco13. Sanitary pads

13. Sanitary pads14. Sunglasses and hair love

14. Sunglasses and hair love 

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