Never Marry A Guy Who Has These 15 Habits

Imagine yourself being married to a guy who does not respect you, who does not deserve great things in life. And he sees you just as his wife, and nothing more! Yes, your life will be a burning hell.

Take some time before you fall in love, decide first if the guy you are interested in is worthy of your time, love and life. Even if you have dated the guy, you know him well! Do go through these 15 habits, if he has most of them, then stay away from him.

1. Narrow-mindedness


A guy who does not trust you completely will always put restrictions on you no matter how loyal you or how much you love him. These conditions will always be there. He will stop you from doing normal things in life, in fear of something bad will happen. It can turn out to be a nightmare!

Any guy with such negativity has full potential to ruin your life. It is better to dump such a guy rather than regretting marrying him.

2. Hates Animals


Any man who hates animals is an animal himself. He lacks empathy! Being allergic is a different thing but hating animals is out of the question.

If you have to choose between a guy, who hates animals or your pet. Always choose your pet. Men who hate animal just because they are animals is not worthy of your time.

3.The Relationship Rules Mean Nothing To Him


Every relationship has some ground rules, and if the guy keeps on breaking them, it means he has no respect for you or this relationship. If that guy goes off the line again and again, then it indicates he is not worth your time and love.

4.Breaks Promises


If he keeps on breaking promises often, this means he is making a fool out of you. He does not care about what you think or say. If a commitment is broken once in a blue moon, then it can be forgiven. But if he is playing with you then he is not worth it!

5.Gives You Secondary Treatment


The relationship is all about giving and receiving. If you’re the one all your efforts into the relationship, while he is doing nothing your life will be miserable. There is no point in making such connection, sooner or later you will regret your decision of marrying him.

6.Doesn’t Have Moments of Epiphany


If he consistently thinks that decision he took, every move he made, everything he said can never go wrong. He is Mr. Perfect in his view. Soon he will force you to change as well. A guy who thinks he is utterly right will never realize his mistakes.

You should see if this guy does not correct his mistakes for the sake of goodness then he is not worth it. His cocksure behavior will be harmful to you and your kids as well.

7.Excessive Excuses


Excuses are the best way of saying “I have something more important to do and you do not matter to me” End of story.

If he makes excuses often and the cover stories do not make sense, then it is evident that he is not that into you! You should stop wasting time on him.

8.Keeps The Fights Alive


Fights in relationships are good and sometimes healthy, but if they are never ending than there will be no commitment. Life and relations are full of compromises if he is not listening to your point of view and imposes his decisions. He shows that he is listening but he does not understand what you are saying, he is surely not worth your time.

9.Kills the Conversations


He is a good talker and is awesome. But when you have to say something he cuts you in between and starts his story. It is another way of saying ‘I do not care about your feeling or what you have to say.’

He kills every conversation; this shows how insignificant you are for him. You cannot be ignored like that all your life.



Some lies are told for good and are justifiable, but lies that affect your relationship needs to be confronted. The link is made with trust and believing each other.

If he breaks the code of understanding in the relationship, he will damage the relationship like termite damages wood over time.



No matter how much you love him or he loves you. You both need some personal space so you could function properly and do daily chores. When men depend on us more than required, it means that they have trust issues. Adults being clingy is not normal.

12.Hates Family


Our parents can get on our nerves sometimes, but it does not mean to cut your parents off from your life. The family is where we were born and raised, and we cannot forget our family. Remember a man who has forgotten his parents can quickly forget you in a day or two. If he hates his parents, then he will not be able to behave around your family. He will not be a family man.



He cannot quit smoking, no matter how many times he promised you. But if the guy you are going to marry is not giving an ear to your request, then it means, you do not hold any particular place in his life.

14.Immature in His Affairs


If he is immature, he cut people off after a small argue. He deals with people around him hastily and keeps cutting off people. He is not the right person for you because he can easily cut you off if he feels possible. Impatience is not a good trait in men.



Love know nothing about violence, no matter if it is physical or emotional. Run far away from a guy who is abusive and violent! Remember that getting into a relationship with a man who cannot control his anger, will be the biggest mistake of your life.

10 Further Reasons to Keep in Mind If You Are Marrying a Guy

10.1. He has the same goals as you

Most marriages suffer because the two people have different goals for themselves. We’re not talking about work goals though; we’re talking about family goals and life goals. If your partner agrees with you on things like how many children you should have, or where your next house should be or other big things, then you’re unlikely to disagree later in the future. And who wants to keep arguing? Marry the guy!

10.2. He doesn’t judge you

We’re all unique in or our ways, and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t do anything weird. So, if you think you are one of those people and your partner doesn’t say anything about that weird thing you do or ask you to stop doing it then he loves you for who you are. Tie the knot girls!

10.3. His family loves you

One of the hardest things to do is to get his family to love you and have them be happy for the two of you. However, if they’re happy with their son’s choice then he probably happy with his own choosing too so he won’t hesitate to say yes if you pop the question!

10.4. He comes to you when he needs support

After a bad day at work or after a big argument with his mom, if he comes straight to you so you can give him a hug and the two of you can talk about it, then, he knows you’ll make him feel better. Not his friends, not getting blacked out drunk, you. He knows you’re there for him so he can count on you. And you can rely on him too. Marry him!

10.5.He doesn’t keep secrets from you

Guys usually don’t share some things about their lives with other people. It’s not just you. But if you think he’s talked to you about all the things he keeps a secret from everyone else then he trusts you the most and undoubtedly loves you.

10.6. He makes his decisions after thinking about how it’ll affect you

If he gets a big job offer, and he decides not to accept it immediately because he wants to talk to you about it because of how it might impact you then he’s a keeper. His job may be set in a new city, or a new country so he wouldn’t want you to feel as if you’re being forced out with him. You might be happy for him enough to tell him to accept it regardless of how it’ll effect you, but the point is he wants to take a decision together, which is a problem.

10.7. He imagines his future with you

If he talks about how you two will be together for decades and what kind of house you want to be in when you retire, then he is already thinking about marrying you. Go ahead and marry him then!

10.8. He wants to share more than just a bedroom

We’re not talking about bodily fluids here. If he asks you to open a joint account with him, then he trusts you enough to do that. If he wants to raise a pet with you, then that too is a long-term commitment. Don’t miss these signs as he wants you to be an important part of his life.

10.9. Wants to stop fighting

If there’s ever a fight between you two, and he’s the one trying to calm it down so you can hug it out, then he is husband material. He doesn’t want to fight because he loves you and doesn’t want anything bad in your relationship. If he tells you it’s his fault often then he just wants the fight to end so you two can go back to being so deeply in love with each other. He doesn’t want to argue or prove he’s right; he just wants you two to be good with each other.

10.10. He doesn’t mind having married friends

Some guys distance themselves from friends who have just been married because they are not comfortable with marriage themselves. If your man has kept well in touch with his good friends who are now married, then chances are he’s thinking about pulling the question himself. Beat him to it!

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