World’s Sexiest Teacher Becomes Internet Sensation After Video Of Her Goes Viral

Did you have trouble focusing in math class when you were young? If this woman had been your teacher, we imagine it would have been nearly impossible for you to ever pass! For more pics, read on!

One distracted student went creepily undercover to shoot a short, 15 second video of his teacher writing and speaking at the board. The video went viral, accumulating more than 30,000 views in just four days. Have you done anything in 15 seconds garnering that much attention?

Oksana Neveselaya has taken over the libidos of all Facebook and Instagram. She has an interesting mission… for a school teacher. If you look through some of those photos from her IG account, you’ll see she has a certain affinity for displaying legs and cleavage.

She wrote on her FB page how she wants to “show that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand.” Well, sensuality is obvious here, but, do you see the intelligence part (as in, seriously, what is she about to do to that swan float)? She attracts some pretty icky attention…

In this image, just get a load (eeeeeeew) of some of the things people feel free to say to this apparently intelligent math teacher from Minsk, Belarus. For once, she’s sort of covered and reading innocently on a bench and someone comments, “Id put my dick in it.” “IT?” IT is a HER, right?

Creepers don’t stop Oksana from doing whatever she wants. It’s her page, her holiday, and… maybe her boyfriend? In this image, you see she’s dizzily offering her black laced breasts outwards while holding a champagne flute… do you see there’s another flute on the table?

When she’s not hopping around in her skimpy tops and shorts, she’s littering her IG account with flowers. Her messages are either not in English or somewhat cryptic like the message above saying, “You’re my end and my beginning…” Who is “you?”

Most recently, the world’s hottest teacher took a photo simply captioned “One love,” next to a guy in shadow. Comments speculate it’s either her dad or her lover – either way, she looks taken! What do you suppose lover boy thinks about some of the nasty things people have to say about his sexy ladyfriend?

With a following of hundreds of thousands of followers, the objectifying and sexual comments are going to keep pouring in. The teacher has been traveling to Pulau, Langkawi, Kedah, Genting Highlands, and Batu Caves and many of those photos do not appear as those they could have been taken alone. Sorry, guys! No hope for you to bang boots with the smart, sensual arithmetic tutor…

Would you look at this and assume you were looking at a woman who graduated from the University of Kiev to teach? The setting and and demure turn from the camera ignites the imagination… among other things…

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