Hollywood Child Stars Who Grew Up And Became Super Attractive

The film industry has always been fascinating and the lives of characters portrayed often overwhelm us in all the ways possible. On top of that, when it comes to Hollywood, the excitement takes us to another level. Whether it is fiction or drama, romance or action, you pick any genre, the actors always amaze you in ways you had never imagined.

Take Harry Potter for example, he aged at half the rate in the movie series than in real life, and when you see Hollywood flicks, they kind of pull you into the film and make you believe in the story as if it was real. Yet the actors in it just play their role and live normal lives after the shoot is over. The only difference in their lives is that they grow old beautifully and the hotness quotient never dies, just like in their movies. Meet the nine actors who have grown old but seems like they’re getting younger and more attractive as if they’re always living a Hollywood film.

1. Abigail Breslin

Weird looking kid from “Harriet The Spy”. After entering the Hollywood arena at a young age, today Michelle is pretty chick, who became totally sexy in Eurotrip movie.

2. Georgie Henley
At the age of 10 years, Georgie was seen in the movie “Chronicle of Narnia.” But, today she is a hot babe and apple of the eye of everyone.

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